Multiple positive supports – MTBE price “keeps rising”

After the labor day, the domestic MTBE market rose sharply. According to the data of business agency, the domestic MTBE market continued to rise from May 11 to June 8, with a significant increase. On May 11, the price of MTBE was kept at 7200 yuan / ton, and on June 8, the price was kept at 8512 yuan / ton. During the period, the price increased by 18.23% and the price increased by 42.75% year-on-year.


Trend chart of MTBE average domestic production price of business agency:


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At present, multiple positive factors continue to push the MTBE market upward: first, the international oil price continues to rise, which gives support to the market mentality. The whole oil industry chain has a good atmosphere and strong momentum; Secondly, export orders have been boosted, especially in Shandong, where factories are concentrated in the port, export resources are in short supply, goods are tight and prices are high, and merchants are actively pushing up; Thirdly, the price of gasoline has also stepped up, and the rigid demand for local refining still exists, which supports the market demand. MTBE market transactions in various regions are good.


Annual comparison chart of MTBE prices of business club from 2018 to 2022:


In terms of methanol, the domestic methanol market is in a stalemate and the spot transaction is poor. Although the macro was strong and the futures disk rose strongly, the overall spot follow-up was insufficient and the basis weakened rapidly. The prices in the main production areas in Northwest China are mixed, and the prices in Inner Mongolia are lowered and those in Guanzhong, Shaanxi are raised. However, it is difficult to deal in large quantities; The downstream receiving price in northern Shandong, the main end market, has remained basically stable. Although the upstream price has been lowered, the freight has risen, and it is difficult for traders to push up and make profits. The short-term domestic methanol market is dominated by stalemate.


Comparison chart of crude oil and MTBE price trend of Business Club:


Comparison chart of methanol and MTBE price trend of Business Club:


Comparison chart of gasoline and MTBE price trend of Business Club:


Price trend comparison chart of Yishe diesel and MTBE:


In terms of external trading, as of the closing on June 7, the closing price of Asian MTBE market increased by $8 / T compared with the previous trading day, and FOB Singapore closed at $1312.99-1314.99 / T. The closing price of MTBE market in Europe decreased by USD 15.50/t compared with the previous trading day, and FOB ara closed at USD 1827.99-1828.49/t. The closing price of MTBE market in the United States decreased by 12.53 dollars / ton compared with the previous trading day, and FOB Gulf FOB price closed at 1873.11-1873.47 dollars / ton (527.64-527.74 cents / gallon).


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Region, country., Closing price, Up and down

Asia, FOB Singapore, 1312.99-1314.99 USD / ton, USD 8 / ton

Europe, FOB ARA., 1827.99-1828.49 USD / ton, – 15.5 USD / ton

U.S.A., FOB Bay, 1873.11-1873.47 USD / ton, – 12.53 USD / ton

Monthly K column chart of MTBE domestic production price of business agency:

Weekly K column chart of MTBE domestic production price of business agency:


Price fluctuation chart of MTBE industrial chain of Business Club:


Price rise and fall list of MTBE industrial chain products of Business Club:


List of price rise and fall of products in MTBE sector of Business Club:


Crude oil is still at a high level, and there are still export orders, which gives strong support to the market. In addition, in recent years, each company has little inventory, and some rigid demand is still in existence. Therefore, businesses are very bullish MTBE analysts of business agency believe that there is still room for the domestic MTBE market to rise in the short term.

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