Supply supports the rising operation of butanone market after the Dragon Boat Festival

According to the monitoring data of business agency, as of June 8, 2022, the average ex factory price of butanone in the domestic market was 11966 yuan / ton. Compared with June 5 (the ex factory price of butanone was 10733 yuan / ton), the average price increased by 1233 yuan / ton, or 11.49%. Compared with June 1 (the ex factory price of butanone was 10433 yuan / ton), the average price was increased by 1533 yuan / ton, or 14.70%.


povidone Iodine

It can be seen from the data monitoring chart of the business club that in early June, before the Dragon Boat Festival, the domestic butanone market had a slight upward movement under the small-scale downstream goods preparation. After the Dragon Boat Festival, the downstream demand of butanone market was mainly for procurement, the international crude oil price rose, and the rising carbon 4 price after the raw ether gave butanone more cost support. The overall operating rate in the butanone plant was low, the inventory pressure was reduced, and some factories were reluctant to sell, The supply side also effectively consolidated the butanone market. Therefore, with the dual support of the supply side and the cost side, the domestic butanone market ushered in a broad rise after the holiday. As of June 9, the domestic butanone market price was around 11800-12000 yuan / ton, with an increase of more than 11% after the holiday. At present, after the rapid rise of butanone market, the on-site wait-and-see mood has increased, and the downstream goods preparation is generally cautious, mainly followed by small orders.



In the upstream, in June, the overall trend of the domestic liquefied gas market was strong, and Shandong civil gas market took the lead after the festival. According to the monitoring data of the business agency, the average price of liquefied gas in the civil Shandong market was 6237.50 yuan / ton on June 1, and 6362.50 yuan / ton on June 7. During this period, the increase was 2.00%, an increase of 53.93% over the same period last year. The beginning of the month coincided with the Dragon Boat Festival holiday. The overall trend of the domestic liquefied gas market was strong, and the price focus of Shandong civil gas market moved upward. The main positive factors of this rising market came from international crude oil. After the festival, international crude oil rose violently, bringing obvious support to the market. In addition, there is a certain demand for replenishment in the downstream after the festival. The market trading atmosphere is mild, the manufacturer’s mentality is firm, and the price increases. However, due to the weak terminal demand, the rising market was blocked. In addition, the current civil gas price was at a relatively high level, and the market continued to rise. On the 7th, the price fell sharply.


Future analysis of butanone


At present, the transaction at high prices in the butanone market is cautious. The downstream goods are mainly prepared on demand. The factory is still willing to support the price, but the domestic demand is generally boosted. The butanone datagrapher of the business society believes that in the short term, the domestic butanone market will mainly be sorted out and operated in multiple ranges, and more attention should be paid to the basic changes in the supply and demand of butanone.

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