MDI market prices fell significantly

Although the main manufacturers announced the rise of ex factory prices, it has little guiding significance for the market. It is mainly to stabilize the market. After the National Day holiday, the downstream inquiry and goods taking mood is not high. It is mainly to digest the early inventory. The shipment of traders is not smooth, and the aggregate MDI market is down one after another.

Sodium Molybdate

According to the sample data monitored by the business community, from October 8 to 15, the market price of domestic aggregated MDI fell from 23833 yuan / ton to 23810 yuan / ton, with a price decrease of 2.74% during the cycle, a price increase of 10.82% month on month and a year-on-year increase of 15.76%.

The market price of domestic aggregated MDI continues to decline, and mainstream dealers actively negotiate shipment, but the purchasing sentiment of downstream terminals is more depressed under the price decline trend; The maintenance of some units in Shanghai has not been completed yet, and the supply of factory goods is still tight this month.

After the National Day holiday, the price of raw material pure benzene rose, and downstream cyclohexanone enterprises actively purchased, pushing up the cyclohexanone market. As the atmosphere began to weaken in the middle of the week, the focus of pure benzene market negotiation continued to decline

povidone Iodine

Comparison chart of pure benzene (upstream raw material) – polymerized MDI price trend of business society:

The raw aniline market rose, the cost rose, the supply was tight, and the aniline rose strongly.

Comparison chart of aniline (upstream raw material) – polymerized MDI price trend of business society:

In terms of enterprises, Shanghai Lianheng phase 1 MDI mother liquor plant was shut down for maintenance from September 23 to October 20. The technical transformation and production expansion plan of Wanhua chemical Ningbo plant was put in place at the beginning of November, which is expected to last about 50 days. Part of the 200000 t / a MDI unit in Dongcao, Japan will be overhauled on September 2, but the rest will be overhauled in mid September for about 45 days. It is expected that the unit will be put into production in late October.

In the future, business community aggregation MDI analysts expect that the domestic aggregation MDI market is mainly sorted out.

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