Crude oil rises and falls repeatedly, MTBE price remains stable

On March 29, international oil prices rose and fell repeatedly, domestic oil products fell steadily, and MTBE market prices remained stable. According to the data of business news agency, the price of MTBE was 5710 yuan / ton on March 29, and it was stable in the past seven days.


ferric sulfate (Poly ferric sulphate)

The upgrading of epidemic prevention and control measures in many European countries and the slow progress of vaccine promotion have cast a shadow on the prospects of economic recovery. In addition, the United States had inventory growth and international oil prices fell, but the Suez Canal ships were blocked, resulting in freight growth and international oil prices rose again. WTI crude oil prices fluctuated widely in the past seven trading days, ranging from US $57.5 to US $61.5 per barrel.


International oil prices fluctuated repeatedly, domestic gasoline market prices fell slightly, and demand for intermediate materials such as MTBE decreased, but the overall price of MTBE market remained stable. The MTBE market in Shandong maintains a rigid demand, while the oil distributors in southern market have a relatively negative intention to enter the market. On the whole, the price of MTBE in domestic market is stable and declining.


MTBE product analysts of business society energy branch think: the upward strength of crude oil price is insufficient, mainly in a wide range shock, coupled with the domestic refined oil reduction on March 31, gasoline price is about to decline, and the price of intermediate materials such as MTBE is expected to decline.

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