China’s domestic fluorite price trend stabilized temporarily this week (10.12-10.16)

According to statistics, the price trend of domestic fluorite is temporarily stable. As of the end of the week, the average price of domestic fluorite was 2666.67 yuan / ton, which was flat compared with the price of 2666.67 yuan / ton at the beginning of the week, with a year-on-year decrease of 6.98%.


Fluorite prices have not changed much in the near future, but some fluorite manufacturers have not seen a good trend in the domestic market. The operation of domestic fluorite manufacturers is stable, the operation of on-site mines and flotation devices is normal, the situation of fluorite in the yard is not good, and the fluorite market price remains stable temporarily. In the near future, the downstream hydrofluoric acid market price remained low, and the terminal downstream on-demand procurement was dominant, and the purchasing sentiment was not strong. As of the 12th, the price of 97 fluorite wet powder in Inner Mongolia was 2400-2600 yuan / ton, the mainstream of 97 fluorite wet powder negotiation in Fujian was 2500-2700 yuan / ton, the price of 97 fluorite wet powder in Henan was 2600-2700 yuan / ton, and the price of 97 fluorite wet powder in Jiangxi was 2600-2700 yuan / ton, Recently, the domestic fluorite price remains stable.


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The price trend of hydrofluoric acid downstream of fluorite is stable. As of the 12th day, the domestic hydrofluoric acid market price was 8410 yuan / ton. This week, the hydrofluoric acid market price remained low. The low hydrofluoric acid market price had a certain negative impact on the upstream fluorite market, and the fluorite market price trend was temporarily stable. In recent years, the sales market of automobile industry is general, but the market of refrigerant downstream of the terminal is slightly lower. There is no obvious improvement in the demand for refrigerants. The foreign economy is recovering continuously. However, the export of refrigerant terminal has not changed much. However, the domestic air-conditioning industry starts at a low level and the demand for maintenance and after-sales service is weak. On the whole, foreign demand has not improved significantly. At present, the load of refrigerant R22 manufacturers is not high, and the inventory is in a reasonable range. Although the market price has increased, the downstream receiving capacity is limited, and there is a lot of wait-and-see mood. The actual transaction center of gravity is shifted downward. Some traders are looking for positive shipment, and the quotation is slightly lower than the manufacturer’s ex factory price. There is a phenomenon of cost inversion. The mainstream of on-site negotiation is 15000-15500 yuan / ton 。 The market of R134a in China has dropped, the automobile market industry has been in a downturn, the demand is weak, the market trading center has shifted downward, and the transaction atmosphere is light. There is sufficient supply of goods in the market, and there are new production capacity entering the market in the future market. The competition is fierce. The supply side gradually forms a negative situation. The price keeps falling. The downstream demand is not improved. The price of fluorite remains low.


On the whole, the market situation of downstream refrigerants is not good. In addition, hydrofluoric acid merchants have reported that hydrofluoric acid delivery is poor, and the downstream hydrofluoric acid market is in a serious deficit state. Chen Ling, an analyst at the business agency, believes that the fluorite market price may remain low in the short term.

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