China Cyclohexanone Market Runs Strongly on March 6

Price Trend

According to the monitoring data of business associations, as of March 6, the average price of domestic cyclohexanone market was 11,100 yuan/ton, and the domestic market of cyclohexanone was running steadily.

II. Market Analysis

Products: Cyclohexanone market is running steadily. Some manufacturers have increased their quotations. The demand for downstream chemical fibers is still acceptable. Solvent market needs to be purchased just now, and high-price transactions are common. The mainstream offer of cyclohexanone in the North China market is delivered in cash from 1100 to 11200, the mainstream offer in the East China market is delivered in cash from 1130 to 11500, and the mainstream offer in the South China market is delivered in cash from 1160 to 11800.

Industry Chain: Pure Benzene: The focus of negotiations on pure benzene in East China continues to soften. Spot purchase price is 4780-4790 yuan/ton and sale price is 4880 yuan/ton. In March, we bought 4850 yuan/ton and sold 4910-4920 yuan/ton. In April, we bought 4900 yuan/ton and sold 4930-4950 yuan/ton. At present, there is hardly any storage capacity of pure benzene in irrigation area, encountering shipment pressure, and the center of gravity continues to soften. Caprolactam: Horizontal market of caprolactam in China. Due to the weak market trend of downstream PA6 chips, the poor sales of self-chips in polymerization factories, the enthusiasm of raw material purchasing declined, and the high price of caprolactam decreased. At present, the spot price of caprolactam liquids refers to 13900 yuan/ton, which is accepted and delivered. On the solid side, the middleman accompanies the shipment at the price of 1450-15000 yuan/ton, which is remitted to us now.

3. Future Market Forecast

Pure benzene was slightly lowered, the cost support was unstable, and the demand of downstream chemical fiber market was still acceptable, but the demand of terminal slice Market was weak. Cyclohexanone analysts, business associations, predict that the short-term market for cyclohexanone is weak, high and stable.

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