MTBE market prices fell this week (March 4-March 9)

Price Trend

Business associations: MTBE market prices fell this week (March 4-March 9)

According to data from business associations, MTBE’s price this weekend was 5600 yuan/ton, down 1.06% from the previous week’s price.

II. Market Analysis

Products: MTBE market in China is in a downward trend this week. The domestic gasoline market is declining, the demand of MTBE market is weakening, and the rigid purchasing demand of gasoline raw materials is declining because of the poor delivery of intermediaries.

Industry Chain: The terminal market of refined oil is expected to decline, the price of gasoline is down, the domestic gasoline manufacturers are facing difficulties in delivering gasoline, and the pressure of inventory is high. The rigid demand for gasoline raw materials such as MTBE is continuously weakening. The MTBE manufacturers’shipping price is not smoothly lowered and the intermediaries are affected by the buying-up-not-buying-down mentality. The market intention is more cautious. In view of the current market atmosphere, the price of MTBE still exists. Set downside risk.

3. Future Market Forecast

Analysts of MTBE products of the Energy Branch of Business Cooperatives believe that the middlemen are more cautious about entering the market because of their buying-up and not-buying-down mentality. In view of the current market climate, MTBE prices still have some downside risks.

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