The methyl acetate market is deadlocked in May

Price trend


Chitosan oligosaccharide

According to the Commodity Market Analysis System of Shengyishe, as of May 28th, the average market price of methyl acetate was 4462 yuan/ton, with a price increase of 1.71% compared to the beginning of the month.


In terms of cost


Methanol: Domestic methanol prices rose first and then fell this month. On May 28th, the price of methanol was 2794 yuan/ton, and on May 1st, the price of methanol was 2651 yuan/ton, an overall increase of 5.39%. After the holiday, maintenance of methanol plants and unexpected shutdowns of some plants have led to a tight overall supply, mainly driving the upward movement of the mainland market. In mid month, the situation abroad was unstable, and the arrival volume of methanol at ports was affected. The inventory in ports and mainland China was relatively low, and downstream procurement was still in demand. The tight supply situation led to a significant increase in the methanol market. At the end of the month, the supply at the port gradually resumed, and the equipment in the northwest production area gradually resumed. The overall wait-and-see sentiment in the methanol market was strong, and prices fell from high levels.


Acetic acid: The domestic price of acetic acid rose first and then fell this month. On May 28th, the price of acetic acid was 3100 yuan/ton, and on May 1st, the price of acetic acid was 3250 yuan/ton, a decrease of 4.6% from the beginning of the month. In the first half of the month, the supply and demand of acetic acid were strong, inventory continued to decline, and prices remained strong, with a mid month increase of 4.49%. However, as downstream acetic acid companies resisted high prices, the market price of acetic acid gradually fell in the second half of the month.


Future Market Forecast


Overall, in the first half of this month, the price of dual raw materials increased, supporting the upward trend of methyl acetate prices. In the middle and second half of the month, raw materials fell, and the methyl ester market remained stagnant. Downstream markets were mostly bearish. Given the difficulty in improving short-term fundamentals, it is expected that the methyl acetate market will operate weakly in the short term.

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