Cost supported phosphoric acid market price increase (4.8-4.12)

1、 Price trend


According to the Commodity Market Analysis System of Business Society, as of April 12th, the reference average price of 85% thermal phosphoric acid in China was 6560 yuan/ton, which is 0.31% higher than the reference average price of 6540 yuan/ton on April 8th.


2、 Market analysis


The domestic phosphoric acid market prices have slightly increased this week. The price of raw material yellow phosphorus has increased, leading to increased cost support. The price of phosphoric acid has slightly increased following the trend of raw materials. However, the current market demand is insufficient, and downstream procurement is mainly based on demand, with limited room for growth. As of April 12th, the market price of 85% thermal phosphoric acid in Yunnan region is around 6600 yuan/ton, and the market price of 85% thermal phosphoric acid in Hubei region is around 6600-6800 yuan/ton. The domestic market quotation for 85% wet process phosphoric acid is around 6100-6800 yuan/ton.


In terms of raw material yellow phosphorus. The market price of yellow phosphorus has increased this week. At present, the trading situation in the yellow phosphorus field is good, and downstream procurement is more active. The new orders from manufacturers are doing well, and most downstream are preparing for the May Day holiday. Overall, the yellow phosphorus market is relatively active, with some factories experiencing tight spot prices. As of now, the market quotation for yellow phosphorus is around 23000-23200 yuan/ton, and the actual transaction is negotiable.


In terms of raw material phosphate ore. After the Qingming Festival, the overall domestic phosphate ore market remained stable, organized and operated, and the mining of phosphate ore plants was basically normal. Among them, the spot circulation of high-grade phosphate ore was relatively tight, and the overall supply of medium and low grade phosphate ore was relatively loose. At present, the overall performance of the downstream demand side of phosphate ore is average, with downstream users mainly engaged in rigid procurement. The market’s new orders are relatively cautious, and there is a certain wait-and-see sentiment in the market. As of April 12th, the domestic market price for 30 grade phosphate ore is around 1000-1100 yuan/ton.


3、 Future Market Forecast


Business Society Phosphorus Acid Analyst believes that after the holiday, the price of raw material yellow phosphorus will strengthen, and cost support will improve. It is expected that the short-term phosphoric acid market will continue to improve, and it is recommended to pay attention to changes in costs and demand.

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