The market price of titanium dioxide rose in March

1、 Price trend



Taking sulfuric acid rutile type titanium dioxide, which has a large volume of shipments in the domestic market, as an example, according to monitoring of bulk commodity data, the average price of domestic titanium dioxide on March 1 was 16683.33 yuan/ton, and on February 27, the average price was 17116.67 yuan/ton, with a price increase of 2.6% within the month.


2、 Market analysis


In March, the domestic titanium dioxide market price increased. In March, the titanium dioxide market was relatively good, with many new inquiries, an increase in actual transactions, and low market inventory. Some manufacturers have temporarily closed orders, and enterprises have a large number of orders in hand, resulting in a significant reluctance to sell. The market quotation is firm and upward. Up to now, most domestic quotations for rutile titanium dioxide are between 16500-18500 yuan/ton; The quotation for anatase titanium dioxide is around 14500-15000 yuan/ton.



In terms of titanium concentrate, the price of titanium concentrate in Panxi region rose this month. At present, the spot supply of titanium concentrate market is tight, and enterprises often deliver preliminary orders. The order in hand has been scheduled until next month. Miners are obviously reluctant to sell, and they are more wait-and-see, with stable and upward prices on the market. Up to now, the quoted price excluding tax for 38-42 grade titanium intermediate ore is around 1520-1550 yuan/ton, the quoted price excluding tax for 46 grade 10 titanium concentrate is around 2180-2300 yuan/ton, and the quoted price for 47 grade 20 titanium concentrate is around 2300-2500 yuan/ton. In the short term, the price of titanium concentrate is relatively strong in the short term, and the actual transaction price is subject to single negotiation.


In terms of sulfuric acid, the domestic sulfuric acid market price rose first and then fell in March. Overall, the market price of sulfuric acid fell by 1.31% in March. The price at the end of the month decreased 77.61% year-on-year compared to the same period last year. According to the sulfuric acid analysts of the Business Society, the short-term sulfuric acid market may suffer from a small fluctuation and decline under the influence of various factors such as supply and demand and raw materials, with consolidation being the main factor.


3、 Aftermarket Forecast


Titanium dioxide analysts from the Business Agency believe that the price of titanium concentrates in Panxi region increased this month. The cost support for titanium dioxide is acceptable. Currently, the domestic titanium dioxide market has a good trading situation, while export orders have performed well and on-site inventory is low. It is expected that titanium dioxide will continue to operate at a high level in the short term, and the actual transaction price will be negotiated separately.

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