The domestic liquid ammonia market stabilized after rising this week (9.19-23)

This week (9.19-23), the domestic liquid ammonia market was operating steadily, and the market gradually entered a bottleneck period after the previous sharp rise. The supply was tight to loose, and Hebei, Shandong, Henan and other major production areas in the north stopped rising and stabilized. According to the monitoring of the business community, the rise and fall of liquid ammonia this week was 0.



Main domestic markets:


This week, the liquid ammonia market in Shandong was stable, and the market offer on Friday mostly maintained the price level on Monday. The overall quotation of Shandong manufacturers did not change much this week, most of them did not make any adjustment, and the market was generally strong. The manufacturer’s inventory pressure is average. At present, the supply and demand in this region are basically balanced, the downstream demand is slightly increased, the demand for agricultural fertilizer is increased, and the urea price is relatively strong, which still supports the ammonia price. As of Friday, the mainstream price in the region was 4200-4400 yuan/ton.



This week, the price of liquid ammonia in Hebei Province was stable. The dealers generally reported flat shipments. There was no significant change in the quotation of large factories from the beginning of the week to the weekend, but the price was still firm. The manufacturer’s inventory pressure is not great. Downstream procurement just needs to be maintained, and agricultural demand has increased. At present, the amount of ammonia in the region remains normal, and supply and demand are basically balanced. The mainstream price in the region was 4050-4250 yuan/ton on Friday.


Future market forecast:


According to the analysts of the business community, the supply and demand of the domestic liquid ammonia market basically remained balanced, and the market generally stopped rising and stabilized. In the later period, many units had plans to resume production, and the supply was expected to increase or put pressure on the ammonia price. However, considering that the current agricultural demand is not decreasing, and the National Day is near, the downstream stores will be centralized before the festival, which still supports the ammonia market. In comprehensive consideration, the liquid ammonia will be operated in a narrow range and stronger in the near future.

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