Light Trading: the high level of butanone market fell this week (6.12-6.16)

According to the monitoring data of the business agency, as of June 16, 2022, the average ex factory price of butanone in the domestic market was 11266 yuan / ton. Compared with June 12 (the ex factory price of butanone was 11900 yuan / ton), the average price was reduced by 634 yuan / ton, a decrease of 5.32%. Compared with June 1 (the ex factory price of butanone was 10433 yuan / ton), the average price was increased by 833 yuan / ton, or 7.99%.


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It can be seen from the data monitoring chart of business agency that the overall high level of domestic butanone market fell this week, with a decline of about 5.32% in the week. At the beginning of this week, in the face of the current high market situation of butanone, the wait-and-see mood in the downstream was aggravated, the demand was cautious, the trading atmosphere in the floor was light, and the demand support was loose. Under the influence of this, the market focus of butanone fell, the factory offer was lowered continuously, the traders’ quotations were mostly in line with the market, and the market price continued to decline. As of June 16, the ex factory price of butanone was around 10200-10400 yuan / ton, with a decline of 300-500 yuan / ton in the week. At present, the overall trading atmosphere in the market is still low, and the downstream is mainly preparing goods on demand and negotiating with actual orders.


Upstream, on June 15, the domestic liquefied gas market weakened as a whole, and the price of Shandong civil gas market continued to fall, with a downward range of about 50 yuan / ton. In the morning, the international crude oil price fell in a bad market mentality. In addition, in the current traditional off-season, the terminal demand is weak, the downstream maintains the replenishment on demand, and the market trading atmosphere is poor. It is expected that the civil price of liquefied gas will continue to be weak in the short term.


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Future analysis of butanone


At present, the supply side of butanone field has given some support to the market. In June, the field start-up was low, and the overall pressure on the supply side was small, but the overall performance of the demand side was average. The butanone data analyst of business society believes that in the short term, the domestic butanone market is mainly adjusted and operated in a narrow range, and more attention should be paid to the basic changes in the supply and demand side of butanone.

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