The demand for stable operation of vitamins is general (11.15 ~ 11.19)

Price trend

povidone Iodine

According to the bulk list data of business society, domestic vitamin C operated smoothly this week, and the average price of food grade vitamin C was 48.67 yuan / kg, with no rise or fall.

According to the monitoring of business society, the domestic vitamin C market is running smoothly. At present, the mainstream price of food grade is 46-48 yuan / kg, and that of feed grade is 42-44 yuan / kg. Affected by double subtraction. Factory starts decreased, some factories stopped reporting, and prices tended to rise.

Upstream: the price of corn continues to fall. It is expected that the overall price of corn will continue to be moderately strong in most of November. After the latter ten days, with the further increase of corn supply, there is an opportunity for weak correction in its price.

The price of vitamin A remained stable this week, and the weekly average price of feed grade vitamin A remained stable at 296 yuan / kg. The mainstream price of vitamin A is 285-295 yuan / kg. It is reported that Zhejiang medicine raised the price to 360 yuan / kg on November 5. Under the guidance of price adjustment by large manufacturers, the market performance was strong, manufacturers stopped reporting, and traders supported the price.

Benzalkonium chloride

The vitamin E market is running smoothly this week. The average price of feed grade vitamin E is stable at 90 yuan / kg, and the mainstream market quotation is around 90-95 yuan / kg. On October 18, XinHeCheng raised the price to 98 yuan / kg, and on November 5, Zhejiang Pharmaceutical raised the price to 108 yuan / kg. The price increased, the middlemen supported the price, and the downstream demand follow-up was OK.

Future forecast

Vitamin analysts of the chemical branch of business society believe that: Overall, the overall market of vitamins tends to be stable. In the future, pay close attention to the opening and parking status and delivery of enterprises.

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