TDI market is stable this week (may 11-15)

1、 Price trend


According to the data of the business club’s bulk list, the price trend of TDI market this week is stable, and the average price of East China market in this week is eleven thousand and thirty-three point three three Yuan / ton, compared with last weekend ten thousand Yuan / ton increase 10.33% , down from last year 33.13% 。


2、 Market analysis


povidone Iodine

Products: the domestic TDI market is running smoothly this week, and there are still divergences in the market mentality. The overall offer of the industry is inclined to the low-end range, and there is no lack of low-cost cash out and goods going. The downstream follow-up is not enough to buy gas. The trading atmosphere in the market is cold, and the transaction volume is insufficient, and the whole is mainly to digest the early inventory. As of the 15th, the quotation of domestic goods with bills in the East China market is 10200-10500 yuan / ton, and that of Shanghai goods with bills is 10400-10600 yuan / ton; at present, due to the consolidation of the North China market, the shipping resistance of the operators is relatively large, and the transaction price tends to be low; the South China market is weak and waiting, downstream gas consumption, and transaction volume is insufficient.


Industrial chain: the upstream toluene market fluctuated in a narrow range this week. With the recovery of the European and American economies, global demand is expected to improve. International crude oil futures are in a weak position, and effective guidance is given to the market. As of Friday, the domestic average price of toluene is about 3410 yuan / ton, down from last week 2.57% It is expected that the domestic toluene market will be put into operation later.



3、 Future forecast


According to the analysis of the data division of the business agency: at present, the domestic RDI market is in narrow range consolidation, the listing of the factory side is up, the on-site offer is higher, but the downstream response is slightly flat, the whole is mainly to digest the early inventory, the shipping resistance of the industry is large, and the transaction volume is insufficient. It is expected that the TDI market will run in a period of turbulence in the later stage, and the company will pay attention to the plant policy news.

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