In late January, the acetic acid market rose first and then fell

According to the commodity market analysis system of Shengyishe, the price of acetic acid first rose and then fell in late January. On January 30th, the average market price of acetic acid was 300 yuan/ton, an increase of 50 yuan/ton compared to the price of 3250 yuan/ton on January 21st, an increase of 1.54%.



In late January, the acetic acid market first rose and then fell, consolidating and operating. In the early stage, due to frequent failures of acetic acid plants in the north and low inventory of manufacturers, acetic acid prices were quite high. However, demand was weak and mainly purchased according to demand. In the mid-term, acetic acid prices remained stable. Later, with the restart of some plants, market supply increased, and coupled with insufficient downstream procurement, acetic acid prices were adjusted downward under the supply-demand game. As of January 30th, the market prices of acetic acid in various regions are as follows:


Region/ January 21st/ January 30th/ Rise and fall

South China region/ 3050 yuan/ton/ 3125 yuan/ton/ seventy-five

North China region/ 3090 yuan/ton/ 3325 yuan/ton/ two hundred and thirty-five

Shandong region/ 3150 yuan/ton/ 3300 yuan/ton/ one hundred and fifty

Jiangsu region/ 3000 yuan/ton/ 3125 yuan/ton/ one hundred and twenty-five

Zhejiang region/ 3100 yuan/ton/ 3225 yuan/ton/ one hundred and twenty-five

The upstream raw material methanol market fluctuated and rose. On January 30th, the average price in the domestic market was 2571.67 yuan/ton, an overall increase of 5.18% compared to the price of 2445.00 yuan/ton on January 21st. Part of the enterprise facilities on the site have been shut down, and there are relatively few socially available spot goods. In addition, factors such as weather have affected the unloading speed. At the same time, the transportation cost from the northwest production area to the sales area market has increased, leading to a significant increase in domestic methanol prices. As supply gradually recovers, downstream receiving sentiment is average, and the market is mainly wait-and-see.



The downstream acetic anhydride market is showing a strong upward trend. On January 30th, the factory price of acetic anhydride was 5925 yuan/ton, an increase of 1.72% compared to the price of 5825 yuan/ton on January 21st. In the early stage, the acetic acid equipment in Yankuang Lunan was shut down, resulting in a decrease in acetic acid supply and a rise in prices driven by raw materials. At the same time, the production of acetic anhydride enterprises was suspended, resulting in insufficient supply and a strong operation of acetic anhydride prices. In the later stage, cost support weakened, and downstream demand for acetic acid was average, resulting in a slight decrease in prices.


In the future market forecast, the acetic acid analyst from Shengyishe believes that currently, acetic acid enterprises mainly have low inventory, and manufacturers maintain tight shipments before the holiday. However, downstream demand is insufficient, and the enthusiasm for pre holiday stocking is weak. The market trading atmosphere is weak, and under the supply-demand game, it is expected that the short-term acetic acid market will remain stagnant and the pre holiday price will fluctuate slightly.

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