Polycrystalline silicon prices continue to rise (9.4-8)

Last week, the domestic polycrystalline silicon market continued to rebound, continuing its previous upward trend. According to the Commodity Market Analysis System of Business Society, polycrystalline silicon rose 2.45% in the week. At present, the mainstream range of single crystal dense materials with a model of first grade solar energy is maintained at 80-85000 yuan/ton.


On the supply side, the production of silicon material manufacturers has significantly decreased, mainly due to the impact of power restrictions on their devices, resulting in a decrease in operating rates and a natural impact on production. In addition, although the new production capacity of silicon materials has been gradually released, the increment is limited, and the overall inventory is at a low level; The short-term shortage of silicon materials remains relatively tight, which is also the main reason why silicon prices can continue to rise. At present, most silicon material companies have signed long-term orders for next month, and some individual orders continue to rise with tight market supply; Downstream silicon wafers have seen a rebound in demand for silicon materials.


On the demand side, the downstream silicon wafer production rate remains high, and the demand for silicon materials only increases without decreasing. The quotation for silicon wafers is soaring. However, downstream resistance towards high prices is gradually emerging, and the inventory of silicon wafers has increased, which may hinder prices in the later stage; From the perspective of terminal demand, there is no significant increase in the procurement demand for silicon wafers in the battery and component sectors; And the export sector still faces uncertain prospects. This may result in the price increase of silicon material being difficult to maintain for too long.


Future forecast: In the near future, the silicon material market may still remain relatively rigid and strong, and the demand side will not change too much. In the immediate future, it is necessary to continue to follow up, and the increment may gradually decrease. Therefore, the tight supply of silicon materials may gradually ease, and there is little possibility of retaliatory rebound in the future. Polycrystalline silicon analysts from Business Society believe that prices are expected to maintain a narrow adjustment pattern in the near future, with a slight increase as the main trend.


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