Negative demand, forced price reduction of metal silicon (3.13-3.20)

Overview of 441 # silicon price trend


Azodicarbonamide (AC foaming Agent)

This week, the spot price of metal silicon remained weak, with a decline of around 300-400 yuan/ton, which was somewhat larger than last week. According to the monitoring of Business News Agency, as of March 20, the average price of 441 # metal silicon spot market in China was 17230 yuan/ton, down 2.43% on a weekly basis. In the spot market, downstream demand is poor, manufacturers’ bearish sentiment increases, and high inventories lead to low price selling. The futures market fell significantly this week, falling 4.95% to close at 16120 yuan/ton.


The price of 441 # silicon in various regions on the 20th is as follows:


The price range of # 441 metal silicon in Huangpu Port area is 17100-17300 yuan/ton, with an average price of 17200 yuan/ton; The price range of # 441 metal silicon in Tianjin Port area is 17100-17300 yuan/ton, with an average price of 17200 yuan/ton; The price range of # 441 metal silicon in Kunming is 16900-17000 yuan/ton, with an average of 16950 yuan/ton; The price range of # 441 metal silicon in Sichuan is 17000-17100 yuan/ton, with an average of 17050 yuan/ton; The price range of Shanghai # 441 metal silicon is 17700-17800 yuan/ton, with an average price of 17750 yuan/ton.


Factors Affecting the Price of Metallic Silicon

On the supply side:

The overall number of silicon metal furnaces opened this week was 341. As of March 17, it is understood that the silicon metal furnace opening rate was about 47.63%, with 157 furnaces opened in Xinjiang, 27 furnaces opened in Sichuan, and 55 furnaces opened in Yunnan.




After rising, polysilicon stabilized, with the mainstream range reaching 20.0-2.20 million/ton, and the domestic supply price generally declined by 5000 yuan/ton. The supply side has not changed much, and the operating rate of the enterprise has maintained a medium to high level. One enterprise is engaged in device maintenance.


The price of aluminum alloy ADC12 fell by 400 yuan/ton, while the mainstream quotation was 18700 yuan/ton. The demand in the downstream automotive terminal industry is poor, and there is no significant improvement in the start of aluminum alloy construction, and the procurement of metal silicon remains in just demand.


The domestic silicone DMC market as a whole has shown a continuous weak decline, with a market price reference of 16440 yuan/ton. The overall downstream demand is weak, the supply and demand transmission is slow, and the lack of follow-up on new orders is difficult to support the relatively high price of silicone DMC after its early rise. Organosilicon factories are again facing pressure to lose money, and monomer factories may reduce production again, reducing the demand for industrial silicon.


Aftermarket Forecast


Overall, the contradiction between supply and demand for metallic silicon is fierce, and downstream demand is poor. This week, the prices of polysilicon, aluminum alloy, and organosilicon DMC have all decreased, and the negative feedback pressure of demand continues to transmit to metallic silicon. At the same time, the weekly opening of the supply end has increased slightly, and the output continues to increase. As the pressure for silicon factories to go to the warehouse is high, it is expected that metal silicon will continue to operate in a weak manner in the short term.

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