Melamine market price remained high and stable (9.13-9.16)

According to the monitoring sample data of the business community, the average price of melamine enterprises as of September 16 was 8266.67 yuan/ton, which was the same as the price on Tuesday (September 13), increased by 6.44% compared with the price on August 16, and decreased by 13.89% year-on-year in a three-month cycle.



The melamine market was stable this week. Recently, the market price of raw material urea has risen, the cost support has improved, the equipment maintenance of some enterprises in the supply side, the melamine operating rate has declined, and the export order support of some enterprises in the demand side is fair. The domestic downstream demand follows the general trend, continuing to purchase just in need. The manufacturers mainly implement the early orders, and the market negotiation focuses on stable operation at a high level.


For upstream urea, the domestic urea market rose on September 15, and the upstream anthracite price rose slightly, with good cost support. In terms of demand, agricultural demand is small and industrial demand is gradually expanding. The rubber sheet plant started at a low level, mainly for the purchase of just needed products, and the compound fertilizer plant followed up at a low level. The price of melamine rose slightly, and the enthusiasm for urea procurement was good. In terms of supply, it is expected that the daily output of urea will be about 150000 tons in some regions with limited production.


Melamine analysts from the business community believe that at present, the price of raw material urea is relatively strong, the cost side support is strong, and the supply side has some support, but the demand side performance is average. The downstream is in conflict with the high price supply, and the enterprise mainly issues early orders. It is expected that in the short term, the melamine market will operate with a subjective expectation of stability, and more attention should be paid to the market news guidance.

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