Methanol market fluctuated in June

In June, the domestic methanol market rose first and then fell, with shock consolidation. The fluctuation range at the beginning and end of the month was not large. According to the monitoring data of business agency, the average price of domestic methanol production enterprises was 2617 yuan / ton at the beginning of June, and 2612 yuan / ton at the end of June. The price fell by 0.19% in the month, with the maximum amplitude of 3.78% and a year-on-year increase of 2.25%.


According to the price monitoring of the business club, in the first half of 2022 (1.1-6.30), 136 commodities rose month on month in the list of bulk commodity prices, mainly in the chemical sector (64 in total) and the agricultural and sideline sector (16 in total), and the commodities with an increase of more than 5% were mainly in the chemical sector; The top 3 commodities with growth rate were butadiene (152.15%), lithium hydroxide (118.46%) and sulfur (89.80%). A total of 95 commodities fell month on month, mainly in the chemical industry (43 in total) and steel (15 in total), and commodities with a decline of more than 5% were mainly in the chemical industry sector; The commodities with the top three declines were electrolytic manganese (-57.47%), magnesium (-46.60%) and glycine (-45.71%). In this half year, the average increase and decrease was 6.53%.



Summary of methanol market prices in various regions as of June 29:


Region, Price

Qinghai region, No quotation

Shanxi region, Mainstream: 2430-2450 yuan / ton

Liaoning region, 2680 yuan / ton to cash exchange

Fujian, Mainstream Negotiation: 2640-2700 yuan / ton

Two lakes region, Mainstream enterprises negotiate for reference about 2590-2650 yuan / ton

Anhui region, The mainstream negotiation is about 2620-2700 yuan / ton

Henan region, The shipment price of some enterprises is 2600 yuan / ton


At the beginning of the month, the domestic methanol market rose first and then stabilized, with narrow fluctuations. The continuous high price of raw coal has led to a good atmosphere in the whole industrial chain. At the same time, the high volatility of the crude oil market has also led to the rise of the chemical market on the macro level. However, after the lower receiving price rose slightly, the rising oil price led to a shortage of return transport capacity, and there is still room for freight to rise. The demand side performance was average, and the methanol spot turned to be stable and wait-and-see in the middle and late weeks of the week.


In the middle of May, the domestic methanol market fluctuated in a narrow range, and the price was relatively higher, rising first and then falling, mainly because the market demand improved and the receiving price rose. However, after the methanol futures fell in the middle of the week, the trading atmosphere became weaker, and the atmosphere of the domestic methanol spot market was light, and the price fell slightly.


In late June, the domestic methanol market fell in a narrow range. The raw coal market dragged down the atmosphere of methanol futures, and the spot market fell in a narrow range. On the supply side, the production enterprises in the main production areas have been overhauled, showing some positive results, but the market sentiment is poor. The pick-up volume of the social warehouse is still low, and the inventory continues to accumulate.


The price of products in the methanol industry chain is mixed, and the price of natural gas in the upstream product of methanol is stable; The price of Zhonghua East glacial acetic acid, a downstream product, fell the most; Among related products, the price of urea in Shandong fell the most.



In the external market, as of the closing on June 28, CFR Southeast Asia methanol market closed at USD 374.00-375.00/t. The closing price of US Gulf methanol market is 101.50-102.00 cents / gallon; The closing quotation of FOB Rotterdam methanol market was 370.00-370.50 euros / ton, down 2 euros / ton.


region ., country., Closing price, Up and down

Asia, CFR Southeast Asia, 374.00-375.00 USD / ton ., USD 0 / ton

Europe and America, US Gulf, 101.50-102.00 cents / gallon ., 0 cents / gallon

Europe, FOB Rotterdam, 370.00-370.50 euros / ton .,- 2 EUR / ton

The production cost of methanol has been loosened. Methanol analysts of the business club predict that the domestic methanol market may continue to decline in the short term.

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