Aggregate MDI market is still weak

The domestic aggregate MDI market is dominated by weak consolidation, the factory price is reduced, the operator’s mentality is difficult to boost, and the price fell rapidly in the early part of the week. After the middle of the week, the market price converged slightly, and the prices of some brands were strong. However, it is difficult to support the just needed small orders of the terminal, and the future mentality of the operators is still different.



According to the sample data monitored by the business agency, from May 6 to 13, the market price of domestic aggregated MDI fell from 18340 yuan / ton to 17960 yuan / ton, with the price falling by 2.07% during the week, the price falling by 3.65% month on month and 2.19% year-on-year.


Summary of domestic aggregate MDI market as of May 13:


Region, Wanhua goods, Shanghai goods

North China and Shandong, 17700 yuan / ton ., 17500 yuan / ton

East China, 17700 yuan / ton, 17500 yuan / ton

South China, 17700 yuan / ton, 17500 yuan / ton

Summary of domestic aggregated MDI traders as of May 13:


Raw material pure benzene: Sinopec’s listing was raised to 9100 yuan / ton, and the market price continued to rise under the influence of pressure. At present, spot buying is 9170 and selling is 9200.


Comparison chart of pure benzene (upstream raw material) – polymerized MDI price trend of business society:


Aniline: the maintenance plan of Shanghai Lianheng is delayed, which is very bad for the aniline Market. At present, aniline is close to the cost line and the profit is weak. It is expected that the domestic construction stock will continue to decline in the next cycle or the market price reduction is expected, waiting for the demand performance to warm up.



Comparison chart of aniline (upstream raw material) – polymerized MDI price trend of business society:


In terms of enterprises, Yantai Wanhua 1.1 million T / a plant operates normally; Ningbo Wanhua 1.2 million T / a unit operates normally; The 600000 T / a unit of Shanghai keschuang operates normally; The 380000 T / a unit of Shanghai Huntsman operates normally and has a maintenance plan in May; Shanghai BASF 220000 T / a unit operates normally; Chongqing BASF 400000 T / a unit operates normally; The 80000 T / a unit of Dongcao Ruian operates normally.


In the future, business community aggregation MDI analysts expect that the domestic aggregation MDI market is mainly sorted out.

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