Under the pressure of supply and demand, the chloroform market fell sharply (5.1-5.15)

According to the data monitoring of business agency, the chloroform market fell sharply in the first half of the month (5.1-5.15). As of May 15, the price of chloroform apron in Shandong was 4387 yuan / ton, down 20.05% from 5487 yuan / ton at the beginning of the month.



With the restart of Jinling and Fuqiang methane chloride units, the overall construction rate of domestic methane chloride has increased, and the operation rate has been around 80% since May. In particular, the Jinling unit in Shandong is operating at 90%, Dongyue is operating at full load and Luxi unit is operating at 80%. In addition, the 160000 T / a methane chloride unit in Dongying Huatai is planned to be put into operation in mid May. The supply pressure in Shandong is further increased and the supply is loose. It is expected to have a certain impact on the markets in East and South China in the later stage.


In May, the spot price of raw methanol continued to decline and the cost support weakened. According to the business agency, as of May 15, the price of methanol was 2642 yuan / ton, down 3.73% from 2745 yuan / ton at the beginning of the month.



Before and after labor day, the downstream refrigerant market sales of chloroform were light, the operation of major mainstream refrigerant manufacturers was still not high, and the demand for chloroform was weak.


Analysts of methane chloride data of business society believe that at present, the downstream demand for trichloromethane is weak, coupled with higher supply pressure, and it is expected that the price of trichloromethane may continue to weaken in the later stage.


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