The price of hydrogenated benzene fluctuated this week and rose as a whole (from May 7 to May 13)

From May 7 to May 13, 2022, the ex factory price of hydrogenated benzene in North China rose as a whole, from 8662.5 yuan / ton last weekend to 8700 yuan / ton this weekend, up 0.43% this week.



Price of main domestic hydrogenated benzene market from May 7 to May 13 (unit: yuan / ton)


Market, Price on May 7, Price on May 7, Rise and fall

East China, 8850~8950., 8900~9000.,+ fifty

Shandong Province, 8600~8700., 8500~8600.,- one hundred


The international oil price remained rising as a whole this week, falling in the middle of the week and rising again at the weekend. As of May 12, international crude oil futures were mixed. Us WTI crude oil futures rose, with the settlement price of the main contract reported at US $106.13/barrel, up US $0.42 or 0.4%; Brent crude oil futures fell slightly, and the settlement price of the main contract was US $107.45/barrel, down US $0.06. The market swings left and right under the fundamentals of good supply and bad demand, and the high oil price is deadlocked. The short-term market focus is still on the uncertainty of the epidemic and the implementation of the European oil embargo on Russia.


Summary of price adjustment of Sinopec pure benzene (unit: yuan / ton)


Date, Adjusted price, Adjustment amount

March 24, 8600.,+200

April 12, 8450.,-150

April 27, 8550.,+100

April 28, 8700.,+150

May 5, 8850.,+150

May 7, 8950.,+100

May 13, 9100.,+150

Benzalkonium chloride

Sinopec raised the ex factory price of pure benzene. On May 13, 2022, Sinopec raised the listing price of pure benzene by 100 yuan / ton, with the implementation of 9150 yuan / ton.


Other enterprises: Dongming Petrochemical offers 8500 yuan / ton, Weilian chemical offers 8803 yuan / ton, Xinhai Petrochemical offers 8700 yuan / ton, and Hongrun Petrochemical offers 8900 yuan / ton.


Crude oil prices fluctuated this week, but remained upward as a whole. The external price of pure benzene rose, which provided good support for the fundamentals of the industrial chain. On the 13th, Sinopec raised the ex factory price of pure benzene by 150 yuan / ton again, and the refinery followed up. Recently, the operating rate of the refinery was low, and the price support mentality was strong. Due to the impact of low price in Shandong, the shipment is slightly blocked and the price is relatively low. At present, the price of domestic mainstream pure benzene is 8500-9100 yuan / ton. The price of hydrogenated benzene fluctuates with that of pure benzene. At present, the market price in East China has risen to about 8900 ~ 9000 yuan / ton. At present, the overall demand of the middle and lower reaches of the industry chain is expected to remain strong, and the overall demand is expected to remain strong in the near future. In the future, we will continue to pay attention to the impact of the international crude oil market, the external market, the dynamics of pure benzene and downstream devices, and changes in demand on the price of pure benzene.

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