DOTP prices rose slightly this week

DOTP prices rose slightly this week

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According to the data monitoring of business agency, the DOTP price rose slightly this week, and the overall DOTP market recovered. As of November 19, the price of DOTP was 12275 yuan / ton, up 0.51% from 12212.50 yuan / ton last weekend (November 12); This week, DOTP prices hit the bottom and rebounded, and the DOTP market recovered.

Isooctanol prices bottomed out and rebounded this week

According to the price monitoring of business agency, the price of isooctanol rose slightly this week, and the isooctanol market hit the bottom and warmed up. Downstream customers purchase and stock goods, the price of isooctanol rises briefly, the cost of plasticizer DOTP rises, and the driving force of DOTP rise increases.

PTA prices fell slightly this week

According to the price monitoring of business agency, the sharp decline of international crude oil price weakens the cost support of PTA, the performance of terminal demand orders is poor, PTA continues to gradually enter the inventory accumulation cycle, the demand follow-up is insufficient, and PTA price shocks are weak. The raw material market weakened and the cost of DOTP decreased, which was bad for the DOTP market.

PVC market stopped falling and rebounded this week

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According to the price monitoring of business society, the PVC market rebounded from the bottom this week, and the overall PVC price fell slightly this week. The PVC disk was strong, the futures PVC price fluctuated and rose, which boosted the rising atmosphere of the spot market, the enterprise quotation was tentatively increased, the market trading atmosphere gradually improved, the focus began to move up, and the PVC spot price stopped falling and warmed up. PVC market rose, which was good for DOTP market.

Future expectations

Bai Jiaxin, DOTP data analyst of business agency, believes that affected by the weakening of crude oil and poor demand, PTA prices fluctuated and fell, isooctanol prices rebounded at the bottom, DOTP cost support weakened, and DOTP has great downward pressure; On the demand side, PVC prices stopped falling and rebounded, the PVC market was warming, the demand for plasticizers was expected to rise, and the upward momentum of DOTP increased. Overall, the plasticizer DOTP has increased the momentum of future rise, and the downward pressure still exists. It is expected that the price shock of DOTP will stabilize.

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