Liquid ammonia market is stable, and it is difficult to improve in the near future

This week (5.11-15), the domestic liquid ammonia Market slightly adjusted, the market is up and down mutually, most manufacturers reported stable, some manufacturers affected by the inventory pressure, slightly reduced the price, there are downward actions in the middle of the week, the range is 50-100 yuan / ton. Shandong market rebounded slightly from the previous week, with a limited range, mainly due to the low ammonia volume in the region, or the decline of some manufacturers’ unit output. From the early trend, the domestic liquid ammonia market continued to rebound in March as the domestic manufacturers ushered in the return to work season, with the demand picking up, and the growth rate in the northern region once exceeded 15%. However, the market reversed in April and may, and the rebound market has stopped abruptly. At present, most regions show a trend of high-level decline. Since May, the market has been mainly stable, keeping a narrow range of shocks, and adjusting the range within 100 yuan. On the one hand, the high start-up rate of manufacturers in the early stage has accumulated a large amount of inventory. At present, the manufacturers are willing to de inventory. On the other hand, the spring farming season has passed, and the downstream demand has stabilized, unable to continue to drive the rise of the liquid ammonia market. The procurement strength of downstream nitrogen fertilizer manufacturers has slowed down obviously, and most of them focus on demand procurement. At present, the supply and demand of the market is in the balance stage. According to the monitoring of the business agency, the current price of liquid ammonia in the northern region is about 2800-2900 yuan / ton.


In the future, the business community believes that the supply pressure is still there, the peak season has passed, the demand is stable, the market may enter a relatively bottleneck period, and it is unlikely that the price of liquid ammonia will fluctuate in a narrow range in the near future.

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