Market analysis and forecast of organosilicon DMC on January 13

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In December, the organosilicon DMC market set off multiple rounds of price hikes, the manufacturers’ mentality improved, the downstream enterprises took the initiative to prepare goods, and the sales orders were positive. Near the Spring Festival of 2020, the organosilicon market has begun to “close down” one after another. Starting this week, the organosilicon manufacturers began to have holidays one after another, and many monomer factories have stopped for maintenance. Although some manufacturers said they would stick to the end of the month, the sales of organosilicon DMC market has changed from At the end of last week, it began to be cold gradually. Due to the optimistic market arrangement in the early stage, some orders of large factories have been booked to, inventory is not under pressure, and market stock has been basically completed. Before the Spring Festival, the market of organosilicon DMC is basically stable without suspense, and the market price will still be strong. The market is optimistic and waiting. As of January 13, the main quotation of organosilicon DMC is about 18300-19200 yuan / ton; The spot exchange price quoted by some manufacturers is 18100 yuan / ton.


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Forecast for future market


According to the analysts of the business club: during the Spring Festival, many monomer factories stopped for maintenance, and heard that some monomer factories wanted to reduce the output of organosilicon DMC after the festival. Some middle and lower reaches manufacturers are optimistic about the opening market after the festival, and any small number of downstream enterprises began to prepare appropriate inventory, which also shows that downstream manufacturers are optimistic about the price trend of organosilicon DMC after the festival, which provides reverse support for the trend of organosilicon DMC after the festival, but also Some people in the industry are worried that the production capacity will be improved after the joint development, and the market may have a supply and demand situation with supply exceeding demand, which may also be the most important factor affecting the continuous rise of organosilicon DMC in the future market. However, in terms of the current situation, upstream manufacturers have little pressure on inventory, and maintain an optimistic high offer situation in the beginning of the year, but it is still uncertain how long the high market can last after the joint development, which is still needed Pay attention to the overall trend of the upstream and downstream market as well as the supply and demand after the festival.

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