The domestic phenol market is running stably on September 25

The domestic phenol market has a strong focus before the holiday. In the early stage of the Mid-Autumn Festival holiday, the atmosphere of the inquiry in the East China region tends to be better. The spot price is tight, and the traders are concentrating on raising prices. The market is expected to increase, but the terminal still purchases on demand, which is obviously inconsistent with the high position. The North China area was parked by Zhongsha No. 3 and is currently under restart. It is expected to be available tomorrow. The offer in South China is firm, and Huizhou Zhongxin is 12,100 yuan / ton, which is in short supply.

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Phenol main market offer situation: As of now, the mainstream reference offer in East China is 11,200 yuan / ton, Yanshan area supply is tight, the price continues to be high, the offer is at 11,600 yuan / ton, the Shandong supply is tight, the mainstream offer is 11,400 yuan / ton, Henan The regional offer was 11,500 yuan / ton, and the South China region’s offer rose to 11,700 yuan / ton.

On the whole, the market demand is not good. The phenol analysts of the business community believe that the phenol market in East China is mainly stable in the short term, and the market offer is 11200-11300 yuan/ton.

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