Loose cost support, weak trend of dimethyl carbonate this week

According to monitoring data from Business Society, as of April 19, 2024, the factory price reference for domestically produced industrial grade dimethyl carbonate was 4100 yuan/ton. Compared with April 14 (reference price for dimethyl carbonate was 4000 yuan/ton), the price was reduced by 100 yuan/ton, a decrease of 1.20%.


From the monitoring chart of Business Society data, it can be seen that this week (4.14-4.19), the overall domestic dimethyl carbonate market showed a weak downward trend. This week, the downstream demand for dimethyl carbonate was mostly for rigid purchase orders, and the overall adjustment on the supply and demand side was not significant. The decline in the dimethyl carbonate market was mainly due to loose support on the cost side. This week, the raw material epoxy propane market has declined, and it is difficult for the cost side to continue providing support for dimethyl carbonate. The focus of negotiations on dimethyl carbonate has slightly shifted downwards. As of April 19, the domestic market price of dimethyl carbonate is based on a reference of around 3950-4200 yuan/ton.


povidone Iodine

In terms of cost, the overall epoxy propane market has been declining recently. According to the data monitoring system of Business Society, on April 19th, the price of epoxy propane was referenced at 9137.50 yuan/ton, a decrease of 0.55% compared to April 14th.


Future Market Forecast


At present, the trading atmosphere of dimethyl carbonate on the exchange is mild, and although the market situation has slightly changed, the mentality of the dimethyl carbonate industry is still good. The stable performance of downstream demand gives the market some confidence, and the market has a strong mentality of stability. The dimethyl carbonate data analyst from Business Society believes that in the short term, the domestic dimethyl carbonate market will mainly operate with large stability and small fluctuations, and the specific trend still needs to pay more attention to changes in supply and demand and other news.


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