The domestic fluorite market has shown an upward trend this week (9.4-9.11)

Recently, the price trend of domestic fluorite has slightly increased. As of the 11th, the average price of domestic fluorite was 3193.75 yuan/ton, an increase of 0.20% compared to the 4th price of 3187.5 yuan/ton, and a year-on-year increase of 15.35%.



Supply side: Difficulty in starting raw ore production, shortage of fluorite in stock


The current situation of the game in the domestic fluorite industry still exists, and overall, the operating rate of enterprises remains low. The main reason is that upstream mining is tight, backward mines will continue to be phased out, new mines will be added, and mineral investigation work is still difficult. In addition, mining enterprises are facing increasingly strict safety and environmental requirements, and some mines are undergoing safety hazard inspections. The difficulty of operating fluorite mines has increased, and the shortage of raw materials has restricted the operation of fluorite enterprises, As a result, it is difficult for fluorite flotation enterprises to improve their operations, and the spot supply of fluorite is tight. As a result, the market price of fluorite continues to rise.


On the demand side: The price of hydrofluoric acid is rising, and the refrigerant market is rising


Recently, the price trend of domestic hydrofluoric acid has increased, and the mainstream price of hydrofluoric acid in various regions has been negotiated to increase to 10000-10400 yuan/ton. Some devices are still in shutdown recently, and the spot supply of hydrofluoric acid has not changed much. The order situation of manufacturers’ hydrofluoric acid is relatively normal. In the early stage, the sulfuric acid market price has risen significantly, which has affected the rise of the hydrofluoric acid market. The rise in hydrofluoric acid price to some extent supports the rise of the fluorite market, The fluorite market has slightly increased.


The market trend of downstream refrigerant products in the terminal market has increased, and the operating rate of the refrigerant industry has not changed much. The load of refrigerant R22 manufacturers is not high, and downstream procurement needs to follow up. Some enterprises have absorbed quotas in advance, and the monthly average quantity of remaining quotas is relatively small. The price trend of R22 has increased. The domestic R134a manufacturers are operating at low loads, and the price of R134a is rising. Some companies have a strong reluctance to sell, and there is currently no mentality to sell low-priced orders. Some businesses have a rising price trend, and the current cost is firm. Enterprises’ reluctance to sell has escalated. The current market quotation for refrigerant R134a is mostly in the range of 25000 to 25500 yuan/ton. Supply and cost factors have driven refrigerant companies to have a clear intention to sell, and the refrigerant market trend has increased, To some extent, it is beneficial for the domestic fluorite market price.



In addition to the traditional demand of the refrigerant industry, fluorite, as an important mineral raw material in modern industry, is constantly developing in emerging fields. It is also applied in strategic emerging industries such as new energy and new materials, as well as in fields such as national defense and nuclear industry, including lithium hexafluorophosphate, PVDF, graphite negative electrodes, photovoltaic panels, etc. With the demand driven by new energy and semiconductor industries, fluorite applications have received certain support, and the fluorite market has risen.


Future forecast: Although Mongolia’s imported fluorite mines have increased, the domestic supply of fluorite mines is difficult to improve. Some mines have stopped production and are undergoing safety inspections. In addition, the trend of the hydrofluoric acid market is rising, and hydrofluoric acid companies hold an optimistic attitude towards the future. The refrigerant quota plan has recently stimulated the market, and the refrigerant market trend is rising. Chen Ling, an analyst at Business Society, believes that the price of fluorite is easy to rise but difficult to fall in the future.

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