The domestic fluorite price trend is temporarily stable this week (1.7-1.13)

The price trend of domestic fluorite is temporarily stable. As of the weekend, the average price of domestic fluorite is 3175 yuan/ton, which is the same as the price of 3175 yuan/ton at the beginning of the week. The recent downstream demand is poor, and the trend of fluorite market is temporarily stable.


Azodicarbonamide (AC foaming Agent)

Supply side: production enterprises will gradually take holidays near the end of the year


The operating rate at the domestic supply side has declined. Although fluorite mines are still tense, mining enterprises are facing increasingly stringent safety and environmental requirements, resulting in insufficient operation of fluorite mines. However, some fluorite flotation enterprises have stopped for holidays recently, and the purchase orders on the site are not active. Some enterprises still have some inventory. The manufacturers maintain the order price at the early stage, and the fluorite trend is stable.


Demand side: hydrofluoric acid price is temporarily stable, refrigerant market is low


The price trend of domestic hydrofluoric acid is low this week. By the end of the weekend, the mainstream price of domestic hydrofluoric acid negotiated by various regions is 11000-11500 yuan/ton. Although some units in the north have been shut down recently, the hydrofluoric acid units in the south have operated stably, the spot supply of hydrofluoric acid is normal, and the manufacturer’s hydrofluoric acid order is not good. The fluorite purchase is not active, and the price trend of fluorite is temporarily stable.


The market of refrigerant products downstream of the terminal is low, and the operating rate of the refrigerant industry is less than 30%. At present, the price trend of refrigerant R22 is temporarily stable, and the market supply is sufficient. The application field of R22 market is mainly based on demand, and the market quotation of R22 is in the range of 17000-1900 yuan/ton. The price of domestic R134a declined slightly, the price of trichloroethylene was low, and the focus of R134a trading remained low. At present, the market price of R134a is in the range of 23000-25000 yuan/ton. The demand for refrigerants in winter is weak, and under the pressure of cost and demand, the prices of domestic refrigerants R22 and R134a are sluggish in the short term, and the demand of the refrigerant industry is poor, which causes the price of fluorite to remain temporarily stable.


In addition to the traditional demand of the refrigerant industry, fluorite, as an important mineral raw material for modern industry, is also used in strategic emerging industries such as new energy and new materials, as well as defense, nuclear industry and other fields, including lithium hexafluorophosphate, PVDF, graphite anode, photovoltaic panel, etc. In the long run, fluorite market still has some support as the demand of new energy and semiconductor and other fields pulls.


Aftermarket forecast: the supply of raw fluorite ore is still tight in the near future, but the demand of refrigerant industry is low, the market price of hydrofluoric acid is stable, the number of enterprises for holidays is increasing near the end of the year, and the short-term fluorite price remains stable; The new energy, semiconductor and new material industries have developed rapidly, and the demand for new fields has increased. In the long run, the fluorite market still has support.

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