Ethylene oxide briefing (September 16 – September 26)

The price of ethylene oxide has risen slightly in the past 10 days, with an increase of 5.63%. At present, the mainstream ex factory price is 7400-7600 yuan/ton.



During the cycle, ethylene oxide continued its previous strong trend, but it has stagnated recently due to the following reasons:


1. The upstream ethylene price fell, and the cost support weakened.


According to the external data, the spot CIF middle price of ethylene in Southeast Asia decreased by 50 dollars/ton in the cycle, from 960 dollars/ton on the 16th to 910 dollars/ton on the 26th; The spot CIF middle price of ethylene in Northeast Asia decreased by 70 dollars/ton in the cycle, from 970 dollars/ton on the 16th to 900 dollars/ton on the 26th.


2. Both downstream supply and demand are weak;



In terms of downstream, the domestic polycarboxylic acid water reducer monomer market quotation is firm within the week. At present, the monomer factory has a low starting load of about 40%, the supply is not high, and the demand for construction in the terminal market is relatively weak, but it is in a situation of weak supply and demand. At present, the downstream has raised the price of ethylene oxide, which is acceptable, without significant negative feedback.


The business agency predicts that the price of ethylene oxide may fluctuate in the short term.

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