The downstream demand picks up and the price of antimony ingots rises slightly (from June 2 to June 10)

From June 2 to June 10, 2022, the market price of antimony ingots in East China increased slightly. The price was 80000 yuan / ton last weekend and 80500 yuan / ton this weekend, up 0.62%.


povidone Iodine

The K-bar chart of commodity prices reflects the weekly or monthly price changes in the form of a bar chart by using the concept of the K-line of price trend. Investors can buy, sell and invest according to the changes of the K-bar chart. Red means: rising; Green means: falling; The height of K column indicates the range of rise and fall. It can be seen from the above figure that the recent upward trend of the antimony ingot Market around the Spring Festival entered a stable period after the middle of March, entered a downward channel in the middle of April, slowed down at the end of April, stabilized in May and slightly warmed up in June.


Price of strategic small metal antimony in Europe this week (unit: USD / ton)


varieties., June 2, June 10, Up and down

European small metal antimony, 13600.,13350.,- two hundred and fifty

This week, the price of strategic small metal antimony in Europe continued to decline, but the overall downward trend slowed down. By June 10, the price was $13350 / ton, with a weekly decrease of $250 / ton.



This week, the market price of antimony ingots increased slightly, and the market sentiment was better than that in the early stage. The main reason was that the demand for antimony oxide was expected to improve. Therefore, the smelter was reluctant to sell and had a certain price support mentality. However, in terms of actual demand, the early influencing factors have not been substantially improved. The supply at the mine end is still tight, and the supply of antimony ingots is still tight. Therefore, the increase of market price this week is limited. It is expected that in the future, when there is a small increase in downstream demand, the market price may rise slightly in the near future, but the upward space is limited.


Price trend of antimony oxide this week (unit: yuan / ton)


varieties., June 2, June 10, Up and down

99.5% antimony trioxide, 69500.,69500., 0

99.8% antimony trioxide, 71500.,71500., 0

This week, the domestic antimony oxide market price was temporarily stable. With the digestion of the market, the antimony oxide inventory has declined recently, and enterprises have a certain demand for purchasing antimony ingots.

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