On May 11, the domestic urea price rose by 2.61%

Trade name: urea


Latest price (May 11): 3228.00 yuan / ton


On May 11, the comprehensive price of domestic urea rose slightly, up 82 yuan / ton or 2.61% compared with the price on May 9, and up 49.68% compared with the same period last year. The prices of upstream coal and liquefied natural gas have been adjusted at a high level, and the cost support is good. From the perspective of demand: the agricultural demand in Xinjiang and southern China is good, the demand of enterprises in Hefei is increased, the plate factory purchases on demand, and the demand of urea industry is sufficient. Buy up rather than buy down, and the trading atmosphere of urea is good. From the perspective of supply: there were many urea maintenance manufacturers in May, and the supply decreased. Various factors continue to drive up the price of urea. The policy of ensuring supply and price stability remains unchanged.


In the future, the ex factory price of urea in Shandong is expected to rise slightly, and the average price quoted by manufacturers is about 3250 yuan / ton.


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